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Today ive continued with the computer. I have downloaded and installed the newest bios for the computer, i hope this will fix some issues with the computer shuting off and not detecting the harddrive anymore.

I have also downloaded all windows updates and installed.

For protection i have installed Windows defender and AVG free edition. I am not gona connect this to internett anyways so i dont need more protection. But to make easier administration of the computer im gona connect it to my internal network. I have installed ultravnc on the comp so i can manage it as usual without any screen and accesories connected.



I got hold of a fairly good used computer that im going to use in this arcade. Today i installed the OS (ive choosen to use Windows XP Pro) and the default drivers.

Earlier work not documented
Since much work on the cabinet was done of my uncle without me present I don’t have so much to write about that process. So ill just put in some information and some pictures.
The project was started in 2004 when I bought cabinet and control plans from www.mameroom.com.
I handed over the plans to my uncle who have all the tools and the skill to do this, since I have neither J.
So my uncle started the work with the cabinet.
At first we got a problem with the size of the cabinet. It was so wide that I would not get it trough any doors (at this time it would fit maybe a 32” tv with plastic chassie around it). So we cut off it a little bit so it got down to a more normal size.
Afther we had cut off the surplus cm on both side of the cabinet (the top shelf, coin door panel, and bottom) we put it back togheter.
In this picture you can see the bottom part of the cabinet. The shelf you see on top is where the TV is going to be placed.
The big hole in bottom on the front side is for the coin door, and the little hole over the coin door is where the keyboard drawer is going to be locked into.


When the bottom was done and we were sure about the size of it we started on the side panels. In the picture below you see the 2 side panels. They are going to be attached on the sides of the bottom part of the cabinet.