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Super Nintendo SNES.

Welcome to my Super Nintendo SNES page. Here i will post everything realted to my SNES collection.

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Super Nintendo (SNES)

Company: Nintendo
Type: Video game consol
Generation: Fourth
Released Europe: 1992
Format: SNES cartridges

Technical spesification:
CPU: 65c816 16-bit
Clock speed: 2.68MHz and 3.58MHz (can be changed)
Resolution: 246x224
512x448 Max resolution and Interlaced mode.
Color: 32.768
Max color on screen: 256
Max sprites: 128
Max sprites size: 64 x 64 pixel
Video RAM: 0.5Mbit
Min/Max cartridge RAM: 2Mbit - 48Mbit
Sound Chip: 8-bit Sony SPC700
Sound channels: 8