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Nintendo 8-bit Nes.

Welcome to my Nintendo NES page. Here i will post everything related to my NES collection.

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Nintendo 8-bit (NES)

Companyt: Nintendo
Type: Video Game Consol
Generation: Third
Released Europe: 1986
Format: NES cartridges

Technical spesifications:
CPU: 6508 8-bit 
Clock speed: 1.79 Mhz
Resolution: 256x224 (NTSC), 256x239 (PAL)
Color: 52
Max color on screen: 16, 24 or 25
Max sprites: 64
Max sprites per line: 8
Sprite size: 8x8, 8x16
Picture scroll: 2 h. v
Ram: 16 kbit
Video Ram: 16 kbit
Sound: PSG sound, 5 channels.