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Virtua Striker 2 (97 edition)

Standard Jamma cabinet

Ultimate Arcade 2

Overview of my arcades
Name: Virtua Striker 2 (97 edition)
Year:          1997

Virtua Striker 2 is a football arcade video game for one or two players. I bought this machine back in 2003 and this is my first arcade ever. I have changed joysticks on the machine because they were wery bad. 
Name: Standard Jamma Cabinet.
Year:          Unknown

Jamma cabinett bought the summer of 2006. My machine is not the one in the picture bud it looks the same. Today the cabinet has a poker PCB installed. Im gona take this out and fix up the cabinet to use it as a jamma cabinet with easy access to changing games. Also im gona redo the controll panel since it today is only made for buttons not joysticks.

Name: Ultimate Arcade 2 (UA2)
Year:         Started winter 2003, still working on this baby.

This is my effort to build my own MAME arcade cabinet. The cabinet is based on  drawings bought from www.mameroom.com . The machine is long from finished, but someday. 

I have had the machine up and going with a little computer monitor and old computer, worked like a charm